Hi, I’m Thomas

I build hardware and software for things that move.


I'm Thomas Godden, a third year Design Engineering student at Imperial College London with an extensive background in competitive robotics, work experience in mechanical and systems engineering and research experience in robot locomotion.

I love to work on complex, high power and moonshot problems, particularly ones involving autonomous systems with interesting planning, dynamics and control.

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A few of my favourite things I have worked on recently.


Nonlinear control • System dynamics • Power electronics • Motor drive • Optimal control • Trajectory optimization • Motion planning • Path planning • Rapid prototyping • Embedded systems development • Computer vision • Mobile robots

Python • C & C++ • Julia • Java • Javascript • MATLAB + Simulink • Git • ROS

Onshape • Solidworks • CREO • Eagle • KiCAD



I would love to get in touch if you have questions about something I have done, or an interesting project you think I might enjoy.

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(RRT Path Planning)