Cardboard Reaction Wheel Balancing Cube

When presented with a coursework brief to make a mechatronics project out of cardboard, I initially thought the cardboard restriction was very limiting. However, after some brainstorming, I realized that some systems might actually benefit from the structural properties of cardboard (stiff, very lightweight). I settled on attempting to make a cardboard balancing cube.

This project was incredibly satisfying for me, as I didn't know whether it was possible right up until the end. Watching everything come together after pushing through many many hours of prototyping, simulation, control design and tuning was very exciting; I was defiantly riding the edge of what was possible with the hardware I had.

// Submission Video

A final video produced as part of the assignment

// Technical Details

More details are contained in a presentation poster I made for the submission:

// Other Media

Youtube playlist containing various clips

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The internals, all scavenged from other projects

an image lol

Another view of the internals

an image lol

The "tuning" station

an image lol

Screenshot of the interface / viz software

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Rough CAD (done in onshape)

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